In What Forms Can One Buy Levitra Online?

Levitra formsLevitra is an erectile dysfunction medication and it is available in many forms. They are Levitra-dapoxetine, Levitra oral jelly, Levitra super active, Levitra professional, and Levitra soft tabs. There are many formulations to help cater to the needs of different people who consume this drug for ED. The active ingredient vardenafil is same in all the forms but the rate at which each work would differ. Vardenafil is the generic name of Levitra. This Levitra generic pill is capable of treating ED.


This is an erectile dysfunction medicine and is taken by a large number of men. This drug also helps in treating premature ejaculation. It is considered a magical pill as it is very effective in doing away with ED problems that a majority of men face these days. This drug enables men to delay their orgasm and ejaculation thereby extending your sexual pleasures for about five hours or longer. This pill acts by bringing down your anxiety, relaxing your mind and by improving your blood circulation. This makes men to physically and mentally be prepared for sexual activities. Doctors prescribe Levitra-dapoxetine as a single dose for men to be taken an hour prior to having any sexual activity. One should not take more than one pill per day. When compared to other ED pills, this drug is considered to be more effective. This is a product of Cipla pharmaceuticals.

Levitra oral jelly

Levitra oral jellyThis is specifically invented to help those who struggle to swallow a pill. This medication is available in different flavors and one among them is strawberry. This form of the drug can be chewed well and then can be swallowed. You can achieve an erection within 30 minutes of time. It is available in different dosage strength and they are 5 mg, 10 mg, and 20 mg. A sachet of Levitra oral jelly with the dosage strength of 20 mg for 20 pills would cost around $264.21 through an online pharmacy. The cost of each pill would be $4.41.



Levitra super active

levitra super activeThis is another formulation and it is manufactured by keeping in mind about men who want a quick erection. After the medication is taken, it gets diluted in the blood at a very fast rate enabling men to achieve an erection within 10 minutes of time. Levitra super active is available in the dosage strengths of 20 mg and 40 mg. A price per pill of this medication with the dosage strength of 20 mg would be approximate $4.75 in an online pharmacy.

Levitra professional

Levitra professionalThis is coated with gelatinous coating outside hence it provides effectiveness at a very faster rate. This coating dissolves very quickly when comes in contact with the saliva or even in room temperature. It takes only 15 minutes of time for you to get erected after Levitra professional is taken. This formulation of the drug is available in the dosage strength of 20 mg. An average price per pill would be $3.54 in a mail order pharmacy.

Levitra soft tabs

Levitra soft tabsThis should be chewed by mouth. You can drink plenty of water to help to chew easier. This form of drug would take 20 minutes of time to show its effectiveness. There are many flavors available in this variant of the drug. For the dosage strength of 20 mg, you can buy Levitra soft tabs online with the rate of $3.50 per pill.

Levitra plus

levitra plusLevitra is a combination of herbal as well as chemical substances that are perfectly blended together to provide better erections, provide an energy boost, and long-lasting desire. This form is available in the dosage strength of 400 mg. The price you would be paying to get a single pill would approximately be $2 in an online pharmacy.

Though there are many versions of Levitra available in the market buy the one which suits you. Try visiting an online health care website to know more about ED pills and its effectiveness before buying the drug. Always remember that sexual arousal is very important for any variant of Levitra to work. Buy Levitra formulations online and improve your sexual health.