What are the precautions and side effects of taking weight loss drugs?

Weight loss and obesity are among the hottest topics that are discussed often and they are billion dollar industries today. There are number of weight loss medications that come and go in the market, but these are often just fads and can be harmful to one’s health rather than provide the benefits of weight loss. Most weight loss supplements can be categorized into appetite suppressants and those that prevent the absorption of fat. Before taking any drug for weight loss, one should always weigh the pros and cons of doing so, along with consulting the doctor and obtaining the valid prescription.

Phentermine is one drug that has been in use for many decades now. This weight loss medication has its own set of pros and cons, but doctors do indeed prescribe it when the person has a high BMI of more than 30 and at significant risk of developing weight related health issues. Get to know all the important precautions and side effects of using weight loss drugs like Phentermine before starting the medications course.

What are the side effects of using Phentermine?

Whether you are on Phentermine or any other weight loss medication, it helps to learn about the potential side effects and watch out for them. This helps to understand when you should seek emergency medical assistance.

The most severe adverse effect that Phentermine is likely to cause is problems of the heart. Pulmonary hypertension and cardiovascular issues can crop up. Check with the doctor right away if you face symptoms like rapid heart rate and signs of high blood pressure. The stimulant nature of the diet medication can also make you to feel overstimulated with restless, agitation, and trouble sleeping. The appetite changes can also leave an impact on your digestion with constipation, stomach pain, or diarrhea. The users may even experience swelling in the ankles and feet, and changes in libido.

Precautions to be followed while on Phentermine

The precautions of using Phentermine are important in order to take the anorexiant in a safe manner. For instance, the persons who are allergic to the active ingredient should avoid taking it completely. Also, alcohol consumption should be completely avoided if you want to see any benefits and avoid any potential adverse effects from the interaction. The individuals who want to use Phentermine should first get the approval from the doctor, as they healthcare provider would be aware of any existing health issues and advice rightly about taking the drug. Of particular caution are those who have heart conditions, high or low blood pressure, a history of drug or alcohol abuse, and depression. Take all the necessary precautions before starting on Phentermine or any other drug for weight loss.